We have a vest just about to fit any hunters need. On all vest we start with the HIGHEST GRADES of Military and Correctional Kevlars to produce the highest PPIs and toughest vest period. We are avid hog hunters, and understand how hard good dogs are to come by, how much time goes in them, and how hard they are to replace, so we take it personal to make the best gear and toughest vest layer for layer on the market, all with a great fit and flexibility,
We have developed the below buttons as a GUIDE to get you directly to the style vest you are looking for or browse all our vest.
Any Question feel free to call me, and if I'm not hunting....Ill be glad to go through them, talk about how you hunt, your needs and help you pick out the best choice for your style of hunting!


Our test show, over and over again that KEVLAR, per layer, offers you be best protection of any other material out there,...period..... One layer of High-Grade Kevlar can be compared to 3-7 layers of nylon or cadura. Some of our competitors will try to lead you to believe different, believe me, I’ve heard all the sales pitches and have had my share of dogs cut through nylon and cadura vest until I started running KEVLAR.
not just people peddling vest! Facts are facts, Every Nylon vest I have scene (Even a 6 Layer) has been cut through at one time or another, when taking direct hits form large boars. I have scene over and over again 6 Heavy layers of Cadura, not only cut through, but sliced through, that right 6 LAYERS! I have also seen on countless occasions 4-6" slices through 3-4 layer nylon-vest. Most so called “Catch Dog” Nylon or Cadura vest are made with 5+ layers just to try to prevent this, but are still susceptible to direct hits. These vest become Heavy and HOT!.


Test show that Basic High-Grade Kevlar vest are just about 99.9% Hog Proof (something that even 5-7 Layer Nylon vest cannot offer!). While no vest is a 100% cut proof, we are about as close as possible to that 100% as possible, with some of our newer catch vest reaching that 99.99% rating. We do test these vest and other vest to strive to continue to offer the toughest layer for layer cut vest on the market! This is why we have NOT had a dog cut through our personal vest by a hog as long as we have been running Kevlar and was why Premium Grade 1200/2500 Kevlar and Correctional Kevlar was a MUST when we started designing or own vest. By the way, we run a single layer Kevlar vest on all of our dogs in these test.
With KEVLAR...We Get Maximum Protection in a Lightweight Vest.

"Good dogs are hard to come by, VERY HARD, so why chance it!"

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